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Pricing Plans


$ 149
+ USPTO filing fee
  • Lookup of Trademarks:
    If there are any trademarks, service marks, or trade names that are similar to yours that are currently registered or pending with the USPTO.
  • State Scan:
    All 50 states are treated the same by the state search.
  • Comprehensive Report Available Online:
    Finds matches and gives you the context you need to decide what to do next.


$ 299
+ USPTO filing fee
  • Corporate Name Search: All corporate and other business entity names in all 50 states are checked.
  • Corporate Directories: We look through business directories for other people with your name to make sure they aren't already taken.
  • The Principles of Common Law Common law trademarks may cover online uses of your name that are uncovered by private searches.
  • Web Addresses To find out if your name is already in use across the Internet, we do a search of the most popular TLDs.


$ 499
+ USPTO filing fee
  • Global Search:
    Global Scans: We conduct an international search for trademark applications and registrations in the above countries and regions.
  • Domain Names:
    The European Region
  • Domain names:
    WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)

Meet our Customers

Virginia Roberts

I was at first hesitant regarding the uniqueness of my trademark, but Registration Trademark Online provided a report swiftly attesting to the distinctiveness of my mark. I wholeheartedly endorse them!

Henry Cage

I learned that my company's name and logo were distinctive in the marketplace because to Registration Trademark Online. I will always be appreciative to them because this was such a relief.

Barbara Hilton

My brand identity is distinctive because of the thorough report on Registration Trademark Online’s database. I am glad I came to find out about their website.